6 big reasons to try the new Firefox Android preview

With all due respect to the physical abode around me, I practically live inside Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome is where I spend most of my days, during the week, at least — keeping up with all the latest tech info, using web-based apps like Trello, Docs, and Gmail, and watching the occasional video over on the Ye Ol’ YouTubes (always strictly work-related, of course).

At this point, I’ve got Chrome set up just the way I like it — with all sorts of custom shortcuts, crafty settings, and a carefully refined set of environment-enhancing extensions. The browser serves as a bridge between my various devices, both computers and phones, and makes it easy as can be for me to send text and links between ’em and find anything I’ve opened anywhere, anytime.

It works so incredibly well for me — and yet, I can’t help but feel the lure of another suitor, one that’s both comfortingly familiar and tantalizingly new.

I’m talking about Firefox, a browser I knew inside and out long before Chrome came along as the hot young thang and enticed me away many moons ago. The Firefox of today is a very different beast from that browser of yesteryear, though, and on Android in particular, it’s rapidly evolving into something quite intriguing.

I’ve been spending some time using the latest preview build of Firefox’s long-under-development revamped Android app, and lemme tell ya: It’s pretty darn good. And in many ways, it makes Chrome feel like the rusty old relic that Firefox once became.

Now, mind you, I’m not giving up on Google’s browser yet. Chrome is constantly evolving, and I’m heavily invested in the ecosystem around it. But on Android, at least, I’m finding myself going back and forth more and more between it and Firefox. And the more I use Firefox, the more I find myself enjoying the experience.

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