Precision 5530 notebook will sting you for $13m. Yep, six zeroes • The Sign-up

El Reg‘s editorial team does not commonly cheerlead any tech, we are dispassionate observers sat at the aspect of the industry’s sales super highway. Or some thing like that. The most up-to-date present from Dell, nonetheless, was as well tempting to overlook.

The Precision 5530 is Dell’s “thinnest, lightest and smallest fifteen inch mobile workstation”, a mid-vary product that sits under the 7530 and 7730 versions and gives minimal-stop servers a run for their funds.

U wot m8? (click on to enlarge)

The only dilemma? The eye-watering rate that even following a whopping discounted remained as well superior and out of reach for all of us in Vulture Towers, even for the homeowners of the organization.

Evidently, the Precision 5530 was currently being marketed for the initial rate of $20,002,151.sixty five. Following a discounted of $seven,000,753.08, the workstation was the extra sensible $13,001,398.fifty seven. A relative deal.

Presumably the NHS will be buying these workstations like they are likely out of manner. At that rate they’d be mad not to. Following all, with the additional £350m that will be freed up when Britain exits the EU, there’ll be masses of income swilling about to enhance everything.

If only. ®

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